Sunday, November 27, 2011

(330) heading home

First to arrive, last to leave... Hated to say good-bye to this guy:

11-27-11 (2)

The downside to holidays away from home is the holiday traffic. The majority of our drive home was smooth sailing. And then we stopped. Like, fully stopped. Like, parking lot stopped. This happened twice, at which time Zoey and I got out. Not very often does one get to traipse around in the middle of the freeway.

A drive that usually take about 5.25 hours took nearly 8 today. Zoey and Connor, stuffed together in the back seat, weren't too keen on that. My iPad and I were just fine in the front.


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  1. I hate traffic with such a passion. I hate road trips in general. I sound very negative don't I?

    And for your information smiling hot dogs never get old!