Thursday, November 24, 2011

(327) Arizona - Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll start with a warning here... lots of photos for today, so you'll be scrolling for a while.

I love it when my family is together, so I've been excited for this weekend in Arizona. Everyone is here, except for Cindy and her family. I'm hoping she'll see all the fun they missed and they'll get back to the west as soon as possible!

The focus of today - thankfulness, togetherness and FOOD! Kristen had lots of good food for us, and we all pitched in to help.

11-24-11 (10)
11-24-11 (4)

Kristen made a delicious and juicy turkey... brined it last night, put it in the oven today, and it came out perfectly. Michael and Markie took on the task of carving the turkey. Put a carving knife in a surgeon's hands and you'll get some precise cutting. I don't think I've seen anyone put as much time into carving as Michael did.

11-24-11 (7)

The feast!

11-24-11 (14)

Caleb was the lucky recipient of one of the turkey legs, and he went at it with gusto. It's amazing what a growing 10-year-old boy can consume!

11-24-11 (18)
11-24-11 (12)
11-24-11 (13)
11-24-11 (11)
11-24-11 (17)

A picture by my Mom. It takes a lot of talent to line things up exactly so that the candles totally block everyone's faces...

11-24-11 (8)

It was a beautiful day, and we took advantage of our togetherness to take family pictures.

11-24-11 (5)

All of us
11-24-11 (2)

Michael, Kristen, Avery, Matthew, and Parker
11-24-11 (6)

Philip, Mindy, Caleb, Helen, and Jack
11-24-11 (3)

11-24-11 (9)

Today is also Philip's birthday... we sang Happy Birthday to him before he took off for his hunting expedition.

11-24-11 (15)
11-24-11 (16)

I have lots of things for which I am thankful.  The most important ones have been pictured here.

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  1. The pictures turned out really well! Did you have someone take the pictures or just use the automatic timer?